Editing your details

For those who would like to edit their details in the OG directory (this will apply for only those who have provided an e-mail address)

Step 1: You would have received an e-mail with your user name (check the junk mail folder), when you first added your information

the user name will be of the form guest****** etc

Step 2: Go to this URL    http://oakgrovian.info/wp-login.php?



Step 3: Select the option (Lost you password): This will take you to a new window, and will ask you for you e-mail that you provided.

Enter the e-mail address, and then you should get an e-mail allowing you to reset you password: Change the password to whatever you want

Remember this login name and password for future use;

Step 4   Login with your new credentials and go to the directory to edit your details (find your details)

PS: It has been observed that some Alumni are not reading the Title field instruction well, while entering their details and as such the listing does not have their name with the title